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****** Verified Leads Since the 1995 May-Fest Hail Storm in Ft. Worth, TX. ******

Hello and welcome to Storm Chaser Leads! We are a Dallas based company which specializes in generating leads for your sales staff in storm Hit areas. Since 1995 we have continued to improve our methods and have truly perfected this industry!

Our multi-step process
GUARANTEES that you have the opportunity to meet with the Home-Owner for a no-cost, no-obligation property inspection! 

1. Home-Owner is called from local area code to promote being local.
2. Our representative generates the lead for your business
3. The Homeowner is transferred to our verification department which is
 audio-recorded and signed off by a manager.
4. We then contact the Homeowner 12-24 hours prior to confirm the appointment

No more forgotten appointments, no shows, cancellations, ANYTHING! We take care of you and your company

***Leads / Voice Recordings are sent via email so you're able to hear the H.O agreeing to your services***

       If you have marketed your company with other lead generation companies, ask yourself the following:

  • Have they been in business 20 years?
  • Did they audio record all the leads?
  • Did they run 2 shifts per day?
  • Did they send you a reference sheet before starting your campaign?
  • Did they send you saving coupons periodically to save YOU MONEY?
  • Were the leads re-confirmed 12-24 hours prior to the appointment?
  • Did they obtain e-mails for future marketing?

Give us a call so we can verbally discuss the current markets available and all other information! 

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